Discover Yourself

This is an 8 session program of 60 minute sessions uniquely designed to discover:

  • your deepest fears and desires
  • how to love yourself and design your ideal day and life
  • how the world sees you as a fascinating spiritual being having a human experience
  • how to prioritize your intentions over your insecurities so you can step into your ultimate personal power! 

Here’s what you’ll gain from your sessions:

  • Increased awareness of what you are experiencing on your face and in your body as the story your soul is telling.
  • Busting through limiting beliefs that cripple you from experiencing your most happy, healthy, most creative life ever.
  • Discovering your desires and manifesting them!
  • Embodying more openness, clarity, simplicity and gratitude in your life.
  • Feeling more confident, increased self-esteem, improved body image and/or other aspects of your life improve regarding social, financial, spiritual, physical, relationship fitness, more happiness, more authenticity, more love and more abundance

Gaining access to innovative ideas, transformational insights, upscale experiences, healing support, self-care, & holistic perspectives for your health

You are about to embark on a transformational holistic journey of your mind, body and spirit!  Together, we will explore and call upon your baddest, most beautiful and creative self.  We will dig deep to uncover the stories your soul is telling and work together to bust through any limiting beliefs that hold you back from your truest expression of your highest self.  We will also map out your desires and brainstorm on ways to practice honoring your most gorgeous self with intention.  We bring all of this deep inner work outward through positive body image, language and style presentation.  Let the journey begin!

Here’s a summary of what you will experience:

Book you Discovery Call to define what it is you want in life!

Session 1:  We go through 8 different pillars of your life in the Web of Wellness (mental, social, career, family, health, relationships, spiritual, financial) and rate where you are and where you want to be.  We then go through a series of rapid fire prompts to unveil the beliefs operating in your system currently

Session 2:  We uncover your beliefs imprinted from your family of origin that limit you in a dynamic exercise called the Family Dinner Script & Discovering the Contract designed to help you shift to acceptance, forgiveness, love and healing

Session 3:  We walk through through your present state status to your desired state status, incorporating neuro-linguistic programming, physiology and focus in an exercise called the Belief Chain

Session 4:  We recognize the parts of ourselves that may be in conflict and contradict our desires.  We go through a parts work exercise to understand how our limiting beliefs can serve us

Session 5:  We journal out your desires through Danielle Laporte’s Desire Mapping process, journal, books and mega-inspiration included to declare your core desired feelings 

Session 6:  We continue the Desire Mapping process by designing your life and your ideal day

Session 7:  We complete the Desire Mapping process with a vision board to manifest your goals with soul

Session 8:  We create your own superpower anthem on how you are fascinating to the world and use as your signature for everything you do.  We revisit your Web of Wellness to balance your plate by recognizing energy leaks and implement the procrastination formula to help you move forward

Session 9:  We reframe your self-image through your very own personalized Chinese Face reading to uncover what your face reveals as the story your soul is telling.

Bonus:  We walk through an intentional makeup application designed to highlight and enhance your features and what each feature represents; think makeover for your face that includes your soul!

Bonus:  We assess each of the 5 Elements according to how you experience them and strategize tips to boost, balance and build each of these in your life with your very own Roadmap to Holistic Living

Bonus:  We strategize your color, style & body shape analysis with recommendations for personal care

Choose your preferred payment option:

Get Gorgeous Now – pay in full:  $1000

Discover Yourself Pay In Full        

Get Gorgeous Now – pay in 3 installments of $400 to total $1200

Discover Yourself Installment Plan

Once you’ve paid for your coaching sessions or VIP Day, we will partner together to donate 10% of your investment in yourself towards on of the chosen charities below:


Here’s how to get started:

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