Need a solution for aging and acne scars?  Micro-needling to the rescue!

What resurfaces your skin, boosts collagen and smooths wrinkles and acne scars?  You guessed it, micro-needling!

One of the things I love to do is help people look and feel they are putting their best face forward.  I love supporting people to feel like their external expression is matching the internal version of themselves.  Sometimes people can feel like their inner world and outer appearance are not aligned when they have skin issues.  It can make them feel like they want to hide not only their skin, but who they are inside.

That’s why I love micro-needling.  When it comes to addressing the surface, I love this modality because it is a gentle yet impactful procedure that stimulates collagen production through a series of micro-traumas, facilitated by a dermal pen.  Other names for it are:  collagen induction therapy or micro-channelling.  You may have seen a Youtuber document their experience at a dermatologist’s office where they come out looking super red, like they’ve been beaten up by a meat grinder.  That’s not my style.

I may be liberal and many areas of my life, but when it comes to taking care or someone’s skin and face, I consider myself a conservative.  I don’t channel an aggressive numbing agent into a client’s skin in order to get super aggressive.  I believe that small steps are ideal and I like to consider all options while also keeping our approach simple so it makes it easy to be compliant and build a routine that you love!  I say “our” because I take a collaborative approach where we decide together what is best for your skin.

So what happens during a session?  Well, I may start with derma-planing after deep cleanse.  I choose the best exfoliant for you and then remove or extract any blackheads or blemishes. After a mask and massage or gua sha treatment, I will then add the serum (medicine for your skin) to your face and start with a gentle application of my pen, moving in circular motions or criss-cross motions across your fine lines, wrinkles or scars.  You may feel a prickly sensation, and I often tell my clients we want to rate the sensation between a scale of 4-6/10, with 10 being rated as the most intolerable.  I then have you rest with my LED unit that transports you to another planet called Peace Out.  Then I apply a few light finishing products to send you on your way, with a rosy glow.  Many people leave feeling slightly pink and reschedule within 2 weeks for scarring and 3-4 weeks for wrinkles.

Here are a few before and after photos of the procedure:

One session
One session
3 treatments in 1 month

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As I always tell me people, the more flow, the more glow.  Let’s get your skin glowing, so you can put your best face forward and shine!