Skincare During Seasonal Shift from Summer to Fall

I love summer.  I love fall.  I also love the time in between seasons – in Chinese Medicine, we connect this to Earth season, or late summer.  One of the things I love about organic skincare is that the body can distinguish seasonal changes by changes we can observe in the skin.

The Earth element is all about offering support and a warm, soft place to land during transitions.  There is a system of correspondences that exists for each of the 5 seasons, which include not only winter, spring, summer and fall, but late summer as well.  Chinese Medicine is known to be influenced by early Taoist thought.  The Taoists would observe nature and recognize patterns that existed not only in the environment but also in our bodies, similar to what they witnessed in nature.  When any of these patterns existed in excess, they were deemed ‘external evils’.  There are six evils:  cold, heat, summer-heat, wind, dryness and dampness.

An unhealthy expression of the Earth element / later summer is dampness, also thought of as humidity.  Some signs of dampness or humidity in the body are:  brain fog, heaviness, sluggish digestion, puffiness of the skin, water retention, distention, loose bowels, sinus congestion and/or phlegm, sluggish energy and tendency to gain weight.

Dampness in the skin can present as eczema, puffiness and oozing lesions.  It can feel like the pores are clogged and congested, or excessive oil production is trapped, leading to enlarged pores.

I believe that every single person needs to find the perfect balance of exfoliation and hydration for their skin.  That requires a thorough skin analysis, high-quality products with effective ingredients, superior technology and tools and a home-care regimen that signals to the brain the skin is getting enough hydration that excessive oil does not need to be produced.

In other words, you can use oil to balance oil.

Say what?

Yes.  I repeat, oil is healthy.  Oil is ok.  Using the right quality of oils on your skin can help you transition from the high heat of summer to the intense dryness of winter.  Exfoliating properly can help prep the skin for absorption of the right oils.

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It’s important to support your digestion internally as well!  I often tell my clients

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”][/pullquote]”What you don’t digest you will wear on your skin.”


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